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  • Cardi B
    Cardi B

    "WAP" feat. Megan Thee Stallion 💦💦💦 Stream/Download -

    • Mary H Davis
      Mary H Davis

      I mean cardi B is really popular she made music videos

    • Elizabeth Acosta
      Elizabeth Acosta


    • laris forschen
      laris forschen

      Love you with all my heart did you had a twin sister in Great Falls and God bless you and family form dunseith ND Native American Chippewa ❤ 🙏 💙

    • Alejandro Olvera
      Alejandro Olvera


    • Gab Mendrez
      Gab Mendrez

      I love u cardi b

  • Mary H Davis
    Mary H Davis

    And im on her phone

  • Mary H Davis
    Mary H Davis

    This is my grandma's account

  • Mary H Davis
    Mary H Davis

    This is not my regular account but my name is Madison

  • michael

    You are on live

  • cheyanne manion
    cheyanne manion


  • Pablo Martinez
    Pablo Martinez

    My favorite song that’s yours I like it like that

  • Pablo Martinez
    Pablo Martinez

    How do you feel like when you make your videos

  • Pablo Martinez
    Pablo Martinez


  • Barwako Abdi
    Barwako Abdi

    i love you car b 😚

  • Barwako Abdi
    Barwako Abdi

    hi car b

  • Tania Caceres
    Tania Caceres

    CARDIBI love you!!! Dominican Girl!!

  • Orlando Weise
    Orlando Weise

    Sup I'm still living

  • allya Bacchus
    allya Bacchus

    I love you cardi b

  • Emma Peralta
    Emma Peralta

    Nicki Minaj is much better than you and his baby boy is much cuter than your stupid baby

  • •EMMA•

    0:00 what the hell is that😂😂

  • Qpac Graviti
    Qpac Graviti

    I love Megan Body bossy 😍

  • Qpac Graviti
    Qpac Graviti

    Happy father's day baby girl in the party room for rent 🎉😘

  • Qpac Graviti
    Qpac Graviti

    Bitch yo wood stove top stuffing recipe for that clout cardi dominique McDonald's and get me some milk please move dude from the hospital today 🙏

  • Qpac Graviti
    Qpac Graviti

    Connie Coco's coconut milk only

  • Sanyah Gadsden
    Sanyah Gadsden

    I love cute Cardi gets when she’s with Kulture

  • Nina Aiello
    Nina Aiello


  • Francheska Javier
    Francheska Javier

    Holaa 🤗

  • DDomino Geronimo
    DDomino Geronimo

    It'll be one year in exactly one month..

  • Manuit Manuit
    Manuit Manuit

    Cardi b

  • Yolanda Maynard
    Yolanda Maynard


  • Eugene

    Person with 17 million subs can't find guy to help her with webcam frequency settings...

  • Andrew Evans
    Andrew Evans

    Cardi B: Am I live? I can't see ya I'm so confused. Me: *New Grandma on Zoom check*

  • Tiffany Thompson
    Tiffany Thompson


  • Quannique Freeman
    Quannique Freeman


  • Quannique Freeman
    Quannique Freeman


  • Brianna brown
    Brianna brown

    Oh girl go cardi

  • ¿¡Houston Frenchtoast!?
    ¿¡Houston Frenchtoast!?

    10:34 what those worrds came to be

  • Amani Mogaka
    Amani Mogaka

    Cardi that is awsome

  • Sharon fox
    Sharon fox

    Girl it is amazing to see you just work that sir I’m gonna have never seen done that but if you ever get a chance to make something that’s more intellectual let me know because I’m all about that I mean it might not look if you get to see me I’m all about that but I’m all about that

  • Souleymane Sidibe officiel Jules Zion € king €
    Souleymane Sidibe officiel Jules Zion € king €

    Cava bien baby boy

  • Lil bluebeam
    Lil bluebeam

    Yo nails Lon as hell

  • Aram Piwnica
    Aram Piwnica

    #Up #Wap #CardiB #MeganTheStalion #2021



  • Frida Mor
    Frida Mor

    Klk Cardi

  • Travis washington
    Travis washington

    Hey megen

  • Travis washington
    Travis washington

    Hey Cardi

  • Spring Taylor
    Spring Taylor

    Your baby' is so cate

  • Gavinwithay

    10:39 she leaked up

  • Loretta Stanford
    Loretta Stanford

    Cardi B I like cardi b Wap and up

  • Locius Oden
    Locius Oden

    Wap wap wap wap whip whip whip macaroni and what

  • Limpho Ramangoaela
    Limpho Ramangoaela



    wap wap wap

  • D K S
    D K S

    Her next single coming real soon and rumor says it's a collaboration with Beyoncé. Imagine if Cardi and Beyoncé going live together 🙌🏼

  • Husky


  • Hisoka

    I can use here for green screen

  • Simone Norman
    Simone Norman

    a map.

  • Naiyha Byrd
    Naiyha Byrd


  • Lindsey Williams
    Lindsey Williams

    Love you grlll

  • Наталья Бородаева
    Наталья Бородаева


  • Liydmila Gorbunova
    Liydmila Gorbunova


  • grace moan
    grace moan

    Baby it’s ok

  • Kasian Ebanks
    Kasian Ebanks


  • Ana Maria Ferrao
    Ana Maria Ferrao

    I love you Cardi B

  • Hossin Shirazi
    Hossin Shirazi

    Love you so Matsch Matsch my friend to

  • 0_yousef_0

    My name is Jeff

    • Ariana Grande fan
      Ariana Grande fan

      Who asked ..

  • Metasha Keys
    Metasha Keys


  • Wigadama

    Hello beautiful people. I just want the person reading this to be healthy, happy, and loved. Wishing you a good day!

  • Bianca Brooks
    Bianca Brooks


  • Ebrulii OzOz
    Ebrulii OzOz

    u both ugly

    • Tokeiitouk1

      What’s ugly is your personality

    • Ebrulii OzOz
      Ebrulii OzOz

      @Ariana Grande fan more like ur mom and ur grandmom, yuck

    • Ariana Grande fan
      Ariana Grande fan

      try to look like you

  • OSCAR Soto
    OSCAR Soto


  • Scholar Ne'Vaeh Jackson
    Scholar Ne'Vaeh Jackson


  • purple sus
    purple sus

    I like megan bc she loves both nicki and cardi and she doesn’t want them to beef

  • Thembi Gcilishe
    Thembi Gcilishe

    sup cardi big fan

  • J Williams
    J Williams

    She said hush my baby up im busy TF 🤣🤣


    phone number



  • Lil-_-bOw Ənbighc
    Lil-_-bOw Ənbighc

    i want be wet like yo'tell me .... im JØi in it too no lie, i make it vibes on MY LILBOW more then twice 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🥛🍪🧋🤫🐈

  • 💜•COCO•💜

    I be the friend who don't take things seriously 🤣 10:32

    • Matheus Souza
      Matheus Souza

      Eu vim aqui procurando por isso kkkkkk

  • lorli Brazee
    lorli Brazee


  • khang barbar
    khang barbar

    Twinki winki and dipzy😂❤️

  • motrun robert
    motrun robert


  • Claireandpaul Lynch
    Claireandpaul Lynch


  • Mason Sims. H
    Mason Sims. H

    This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen

  • Ericaadriana Biazon
    Ericaadriana Biazon


  • Ericaadriana Biazon
    Ericaadriana Biazon


  • Regana Waite
    Regana Waite

    Used to together there is no stopping use excuse my language use are some bad ass b****** No Doubt I love you I love you I love you please make more songs and videos

  • Azarha Smith
    Azarha Smith


  • Ale Iva
    Ale Iva

  • Tamane Victor Mahlophe
    Tamane Victor Mahlophe

    Wow I love you

  • Atiya Robinson
    Atiya Robinson

    love you Cardi B

  • achiri nilay
    achiri nilay

    M'y name is algia

  • Zyaire Grimes
    Zyaire Grimes

    I love you Cardi B

  • Ghost Johnson
    Ghost Johnson

    I am biggest fan she is the best I love her so much she is so cute and I wouldn’t want to see you Love you Cardi B😍

  • Eslie Kelly Michaëlle Sery
    Eslie Kelly Michaëlle Sery


  • Eslie Kelly Michaëlle Sery
    Eslie Kelly Michaëlle Sery

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cardi b

  • Kimberlin Brown
    Kimberlin Brown

    “What the hell was that?! Ooh shit” live her! I love their fucking friendship!

  • Kimberlin Brown
    Kimberlin Brown

    If I’m being honest.. I have come in contact with MANY people who hate Cardi & EACH TIME, I say “why?” “What’s the reason?” “There is no reason to” and they always disagree. Sooo guess what, here’s the video to prove it bitches :) she’s a fucking awesome person 🦆

  • Petit Homme
    Petit Homme


  • Fiero Washington
    Fiero Washington


  • VV - 02SJ 887965 Stanley Mills PS
    VV - 02SJ 887965 Stanley Mills PS

    hi cardi b

  • VV - 02SJ 887965 Stanley Mills PS
    VV - 02SJ 887965 Stanley Mills PS


  • Mike Pilley
    Mike Pilley

    I mean everybody loves you everybody

  • Mike Pilley
    Mike Pilley

    Barely boys like your music only girls yes I am a girl using my dad's account we love you

  • Mike Pilley
    Mike Pilley

    We love u Cardi B. and I am 9